Видео: Spencer Dale: Shale oil "acts like a shock absorber"

What's the outlook for US shale

BP chief economist Spencer Dale shares his thoughts on the big talking points from the Energy Outlook 2016. Find out more here ...

Oil and Money 2018 - Spencer Dale

BP's Spencer Dale Discusses Oil Market Risks, Volatility.

View from the Top -- An interview with Spencer Dale: BP Chief Economist

Spencer Dale, chief economist at BP, talks to S&P Global Platts' Andrew Critchlow and Robert Perkins on the dangers of high oil ...

Spencer Dale Interview - WES 2017

Spencer Dale, Group Chief Economist at BP, Warwick alumnus talks about the future of energy, electric cars and climate change.

Spencer Dale. BP Statistical Review of World Energy. June 2017

Spencer Dale, group chief economist. BP Statistical Review of World Energy. Energy in 2016: short-run adjustments and long-run ...

BP Stats Review: Oil

2017 was a case of OPEC vs tight oil. BP chief economist Spencer Dale explains.

BP Stats Review 2016

BP's chief economist Spencer Dale looks back at 2015's global energy trends in our 65th Statistical Review of World Energy Read ...

Spencer Dale on Quantitative Easing

In this video, Spencer Dale explains the Bank's analysis of QE and how it affects different sections of society.

Update on the Oklahoma energy sector

http://virtualrealestateteam.com. As many economist have said, this is the best energy downturn you will ever see in Oklahoma.

CGEP: China Energy 2020 Forum

Thursday, September 11, 2014 The Center on Global Energy Policy, the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, and the ...

Oil & Money | John Baguley

COO Magnolia LNG, and LNG Limited John Baguley highlights developments in the US LNG market.

Ludwig Mohring: COP 21 should be good news for gas

All CO2 reductions can't come from renewables, argues Ludwig Mohring of Wingas at Flame 2016 in Amsterdam.

Maria Moraeus Hanssen: is oil and gas restructuring?

Maria Moraeus Hanssen, CEO of Engie E&P, argues that oil and gas companies will use their M&A dollars for strategic purposes, ...

Hofmeister: $80 oil is inevitable

Former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister on Donald Trump's trip to shale country and his outlook for oil.

Energy Outlook Overview

JLL industry research lead Lauren Picariello discusses the findings of the firm's North American Energy Outlook.

Keith Larson: US LNG growth will continue

Keith Larson of Hogan Lovells on the outlook for US gas projects, joining us at Flame 2016 in Amsterdam.

Спенсер Дейл. Презентация прогноза развития мировой энергетики до 2035 года

Спенсер Дейл, главный экономист группы BP. Презентация прогноза развития мировой энергетики (BP Energy Outlook to...

Спенсер Дейл. Статистический обзор мировой энергетики 2016

Спенсер Дейл, главный экономист группы BP. Презентация 65-го издания ежегодного статистического обзора миров...

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