Видео: EagTac SX25L3 (XHP50) Flashlight Kit Review! (EagleTac)

EagTac MX25L4T Flashlight Review! (EagleTac)

Here is the EagTac MX25L4T (EagleTac Turbo)! This is an amazing thrower. This was purchased from goinggear.com in their ...

Eagtac P20C2 Mark II

Cree XP-G2 R5 + Orange peel reflector = 500 lumen.

Mini Search Light 3550 lumens Eagtac TX3G Pro MKII

Huge 3550 lumens output out of such a compact unit is a game changer. Use this torch in everything from day to day tasks to ...

IWA 2018 Special: Eagtac Eagletac

IWA 2018 Outdoor Classics Special: Eagtac / Eagletac IWA 2018 Shot Show Outdoor Classics Special: Eagtac / Eagletac.

Eagletac MX30L3 2750 Lumen Flashlight Extended Review

http://goinggear.com/eagletac-mx30l3-6x-cr123a-3x-18650-3300-lumens-cree-xh-p50-j4-led-flashlight.html Megan's Gear Videos: ...

Eagtac TX30C2 XHP35 HD - Eagtac TX30C2 XHP35 HI

Eagtac TX30C2 XHP35 HD - Eagtac TX30C2 XHP35 HI.

Haikelite SC26 Flashlight Review!

Here is yet another very nice budget flashlight from Haikelite with their SC26! This comes with a short tube for smaller cells. This is ...

Eagletac T25C2 Flashlight Extended Review

Buy here: http://goinggear.com/eagletac-t25c2-1-x-18650-2-x-cr123a-cree-xm-l2-u2-cool-white-1180-lumen-led-flashlight.html ...

ArmyTek Predator Pro Flashlight Review!

Here is the ArmyTek Predator Pro with the XHP35 HI LED! This provides a tight combination beam, with a bit more on the floody ...

EagleTac G3L - тактический полицейский фонарь

Обзор тактического фонаря EagleTac G3L. Комплектация, конструкция, режимы работы, преимущества и недостатки....

Eagtac MX25L4Ccw 4xXM-L2 - Eagtac MX25L3 XHP-50

Eagtac MX25L4Ccw 4xXM-L2 - Eagtac MX25L3 XHP-50.

Обзор EagleTac DX30LC2

Карманный фонарик EagleTac DX30LC2 http://www.superfonarik.ru/Fonari/EagleTac/EagleTac-DX30LC2--1264.html ...

MSITC nightly video review EAGTAC MX25L4C 4 x XM-L2 4800 lumens max - msitc-shop.com

In diesem Review ist die EAGTAC MX25L4C bei Dunkelheit in Aktion zu sehen. In this nightly review you can see the EAGTAC ...

EagleTac MX25L3C in 6xNichia & SX25L3 in MT-G2

MX25L3Compact in Nichia would be more comfortable in woods. http://www.illuminationgear.com/EAGLETAC-EAGTAC_c7.htm.

Shadow JM35 XHP50 comparison Eagletac MX25l3 MT-G2 and XPG versions

This video demonstrates the performance of the budget, Shadow JM35, XHP-50 version flashlight. There are beamshot ...

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